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We provide several training and mentorship (i.e., train-the-trainer) opportunities
We provide consultative services for developmental disability waiver agencies
For Licensed Counselors
Clarity Counseling is authorized by New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Practice Board to provide CEU trainings.
For more information about upcoming CEU training opportunities
For Other Professionals
Through the New Mexico Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Supports Division, we have certified trainers who can provide a wide array of trainings and mentorship opportunities. Courses include the following:
• Pre-Service
• Foundation Health and Wellness
• Assisting with Medication Delivery
• Person-Centered Planning in New Mexico
• Teaching and Support Strategies
• Positive Behavior Support Strategies
• Participatory Communication and Choice-Making
• Advocacy 101
• Health and Wellness Coordination
• Promoting Effective Teamwork
• The Art of Mentorship
• Effective Trainer Techniques
Please Note:
In addition, we can provide customized training to meet your personal or organizational needs.
For more information, please contact our office at (505) 294 - 2722
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